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Mould Design

Our engineers can produce moulds from your sample or drawings with little or no fuss on your part. We can produce drawings from a sample or vice versa, a sample from given drawings - we can produce both the drawings and a sample from project application information if necessary.


We use Pro/ENGINEER (3D Modeling), SolidWorks (3D Modeling), AutoCAD (2D Modeling), MoldFlow Mold Part Advisor (Plastic flow/deform simulation), MasterCAM (CNC Programming), Unigraphics (CNC Programming), CimatronNC (CNC Programming)), Surfcam (CNC Programming), and Powermill (CNC Programming).

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Mould Manufacture

Before any tooling all aspects of the die and materials to be moulded will be analysed for best application usage. All mould designs are validated to our clients tooling standards and moulding specifications. All tooling is taken care of by our professional team and moulding partners.

Moulds that provide cooling in a specific order through the die and moving core moulds are amongst our specialities although these features are more expensive than static moulds with non-specific cooling characteristics.

Moulding (or molding) tool Another die or moulding tool.

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Off Tool Samples

GPRS HolderOff tool samples in the desired material will be delivered within approximately 4 weeks of receipt of order and deposit. Our associated moulders provide competitive part prices, we will provide you with quotes. They can mould any plastic, zinc or aluminium.

Our processess ensure quality standards are met throughout any step of your project that we handle, our engineers and associated moulders strive for efficient and effective results for our clients.

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Get Our Tooling Quote

If you need a mould designed and manufactured for plastic injection moulding, zinc injection moulding or aluminium injection moulding then you are best off to talk to us, not talking to us could be very costly.

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