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Mould Manufacture

Before any tooling all aspects of the die and materials to be moulded will be analysed for best application usage. All mould designs are validated to our clients tooling standards and moulding specifications. All tooling is taken care of by our professional team and moulding partners.

Moulds that provide cooling in a specific order through the die and moving core moulds are amongst our specialities although these features are more expensive than static moulds with non-specific cooling characteristics.

Moulding (or molding) tool Another die or moulding tool.

Most of our moulds are rated to 250000 pieces instead of 100000 due better design and manufacturing techniques being deployed by our technicians and their partner technicians in our partner tooling & moulding companies. More casts with less flaws means less sorting at any latter stage and this decreases costs overall.

Die lifetime is enhanced by strict professionalism on the part of our moulding partners where they have developed procedures and techniques to minimise die wear and tear while maximising shot output. All moulds and dies are inspected regularly and shots are inspected 1:10 or better.

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