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Manual Soldering

Hand Soldering a right angle headerSome parts or circumstances call for manual placement and soldering of parts. A part may have thermal profile requirements that preclude it from wave soldering. PCBs with double sided SMT load, where glue was not acceptible, usually have very few through hole parts but they will have to be manually placed and soldered in most cases.

Some (though not many) SMT parts cannot withstand the minimum thermal profile necessary in the reflow oven for the rest of the PCB in question. Some connectors use certain materials that preclude them from reflow or wave soldering as well. Other connectors might be innappropriate for wave or reflow soldering due to their location, shape or known failure in such processes.

Hard wired cables and leads are obviously manually soldered.

Where it is a matter of thermal profile it may be more economical to hand place the parts the parts in question or, if there are many parts being hand loaded due to thermal profile, it may be more economical to use solder with a lower melting point. Lower temperature solder costs more so some analysis of cost benefit is required before switching to it.

Our team has great experience in picking the most economical and efficient assembly process based on requirements. Contact us today to discuss your hand loading and soldering needs.

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