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Suzuki SMT Loading Machines

Surface mount technology allows us to compact designs and utilise PCB space more efficiently. Power handling circuits still need larger components but signal circuitry can seriously shrink in good design.

Our SMT line consists of two pick and place machines, an MPM paste printer and a panasert reflow oven with capacity to load many thousands of parts per 8 hour shift. From the initial program set up, where we check the pick and place files meticulously against the BOM, PCB and other PCB files, through pasting and loading to final inspection/testing our operators ensure high quality with good attention to detail.

Lead free poses no problems for us but if it is not required we can use standard tin/lead solder for you at less expense. It does not make that great an impact on our processes, the extra expense lead free can incur is due the cost of solder material itself and the energy required to reach the higher temperatures usually involved in flowing it.

We can hand place/solder and rework SMT components as well. Whatever the SMT requirements of your PCBA project are we can handle them. Contact us to get our quote or advice on your SMT needs today.

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