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Through Hole PCBA

Hand loading rail set up with small boards in panels.Through hole parts come in radial, axial and multiple lead in many configurations. Before surface mount technology became popular in the 1980s through hole (often spelt thru-hole) was the primary method of PCB assembly for some decades. Usually mass loaded and wave soldered we hand solder through hole components when necessary.

Although generally considered the simplest form of soldering, through hole soldering is best performed by appropriately trained and skilled staff. Many through hole parts in many applications are fairly simple to solder but proper wetting, penetration and filleting, is a must for reliable connections and we have processes including on-going review and training of all staff involved in production soldering.

Pre-formed or requiring forming, we can load thousands of through hole parts every day for wave soldering and can hand solder many parts per day as well. Contact us for all your through hole requirements for PCBA today.

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