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Wave Soldering

Turbulent wave soldering machine whilst cold.Our wave soldering machine is fairly standard. PCBs go into special carriers and traverse the conveyor through the flux applicator into pre-heating and finally onto the wave itself. We use non-corrosive flux where possible and the wave soldering machine usually has fairly standard 63/37 solder in it. We offer PCB cleaning, for conformal coating or similar process, but if corrosive flux is used the PCBs must be cleaned anyway.

Considerations to thermal shock, heat sinks (actual and large ground planes with direct connections), thermal sensitivity of some parts and potential contaminants are very important in the wave soldering process. Our staff have many years experience in making robust connections with minimal harm to sensitive parts.

We inspect each connection made by our wave soldering process, each operator is trained to identify and repair problem connections on each part. PCBs will go on through final assembly and final inspection before going to testing, mechanical assembly or straight to the client. Contact us today about your wave soldering requirements.

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