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PCB Design

Most people take it that PCB design starts when laying out the PCB but better circuit board design can start as early as the concept stage but definitely should be in strong consideration by the schematic design stage. A well rounded concept stage will include mechanical details (enclosure, mounting & user interface) but some, or even all, such details can be held back to just before the schematic design stage is completed if necessary.

Mixed signaling and high power circuits require very careful attention to detail for better efficiency and reliable performance. Even the simplest circuits should be well considered and given due careful attention to ensure long term operability and reliability. Good attention from early on in the design process can help lead to smoother production runs.

We recognise intellectual property rights and adhere to a strict policy of not giving 3rd parties any access to (prospective or otherwise) client IP under any circumstances. Our response is less and less friendly the more we believe someone approaching us is trying to involve us in the misuse of any intellectual property or otherwise copyrighted materials.

Electronic Circuit Schematic Design

Clear and well detailed schematic design is an important step in producing a reliable and efficient electronic circuit on a PCB. Our experienced engineering team can produce a schematic from your ideas and requirements or advise on use of efficient techniques in your existing schematic design and your overall product design.

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Circuit Board Design

Laying out a PCB in required space efficiently can be a complex process but if you have us do it for you it won't be any stress at all. Circuit board design calls for clear understanding of the intent of the circuit plus the limits and requirements of all parts involved. We design for manufacturability with many years experience in avoiding pitfalls and bottlenecks in common production scenarios.

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