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Electronic Circuit Schematic Design

Clear and well detailed schematic design is an important step in producing a reliable and efficient electronic circuit on a PCB. Our experienced engineering team can produce a schematic from your ideas and requirements or advise on use of efficient techniques in your existing schematic design and your overall product design.

Some experts advise trying to lay the circuit diagram to as closely reflect the intended PCB layout as possible and that is all well and good for many circuits but as the complexity increases this can lead to less and less readable schematic designs. The greater the degree of complexity of a circuit the less apt it is to try to reflect the intended PCB layout at this stage.

To take the design through to the circuit board design stage we prefer schematics in Altium format. This poses no problem for you because we can convert any format including hand drawn on servietes. Tell us the required outputs and what the circuit can expect as inputs and we will draft an efficient schematic design for you.

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