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PCB Prototype

Once you have a circuit board design ready it is time for the PCB prototype stage. Prototyping is a crucial stage in project development used to prove the functionality of the circuit. Whether you have made the simplest PCB design or the most complex one, proceeding to production without going through a complete PCB prototype stage is begging for trouble.

A thorough PCB prototype stage can reveal unforeseen production issues, potential quirks of any slightly more 'special' parts not detailed in datasheets or errata and, of course, any errors made at either the circuit board design or schematic design stages. Also, some design concept criteria might be tweaked after seeing an actual unit attempting to fullfil the concept.

A lot of tweaks (or corrections) can be applied by modifying an initial PCB prototype but for more major changes and certain circumstances it may be best to just repeat the PCB prototype stage until completely satisfied that mass production of units with matching desirable specifications is likely.

PCB Prototypes

Quite a few PCB prototypes are made here each year, most years we make nearly the same number of in-house prototypes as we make for clients. Some years we make more for ourselves and other years we have been swamped by client PCB prototype requirements.

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